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Customer Testimonials

Maria Oh 1000001357
Love love LOVE shopping on Dressmeoutlet.com. Very good products #madeinafrica. Too fast shipping! :)
Zikki 100001196
Honestly, I find the most unique products at really good prices shopping here. I guess it's because we don't see individually designed fashion in other online stores. We get more of the mass produced clothing. My order was perfect. Thank you!
Toks 100001139
Dressmeoutlet.com making Africa proud since 2016! Thank you for the very quick shipping and great customer service. More variety on product options would be great. For example, shoe sizes.
Wande G 100001081
Hey, Thanks! I received my order just a few days after paying. Really impressed by how fast it came. Will surely be ordering from you again. Possibly the best customer service I've received from a Nigerian Company. Well done, Keep up the good work!
Toluwani Ajewole 100000682
Love the shoes!!! Perfect size! Great prices! Immediate delivery. Great Service! Thank you.
Ozioma Ukegbu-Onwordi 100000632
The floral pair of trousers is a perfect fit! I love shopping here.
Samuel Osinloye 100000618
Dressmeoutlet.com is great! Shipping so rapidly! Kui care cream and conditioner perfect yet very affordable. My hair has grown so much and I am happy with my purchase! Will keep on shopping!
Jennifer Fab Obi 100000469
I just started usingLlianor papaya soap and Lianor goat milk lotion and have got no reaction on my body, instead my body has been glowing. Thanks to Dressmeoutlet.com, I feel 100% confident and beautiful!
Tolulope Adubi 100000743
Steve Madden glasses absolutely gorgeous.
Ufoma Abiri 100000506
Hair and body cocktail 100%, skin food eggplant eyeliner 100%. These product are divine especially the hair and body cocktails, it has given my body a glow that i cant explian. Thanks Dressmeoutlet.com.
Jennifer Fab Obi 100000469
I just started usingLlianor papaya soap and Lianor goat milk lotion and have got no reaction on my body, instead my body has being glowing. Thanks to Lianor product, i feel 100% confident.
My love for my 2lipstoo shoe, i cant explian or express but thanks to Dressmeoutlet.com, i was able to shop for it and also for my hair, the KUI hair product worked well.
UFOMA ABIRI 100000506
Every product i bought on Dressmeoutlet.com page is so cool especially the hair and body cocktail with the kui tea tree and moisturising leave-in conditioning.
I loved the florsheim shoe, it was a present for someone and am most happy because the person loved the shoe. Thanks @Dressmeoutlet, i got the shoe during sales.
I liked the Florsheim shoe. I got it for someone and the person really loved it. Thanks @Dressmeoutlet.com and i hope to get more sales from your page this december.
This is my first time of buying the KUI care product and i have no regret because my hair growth has changed.
Have not been using my wild hair growth regularly but the little while i have used it, my hair has grown quite alright.
My skin looks fresh and smooth, thanks to clear skin therapy black soap by Botanic fusion. Am also sure i would still see other result.
Nothing bad has happened to my skin while using Lianor carrot complexion soap, so i think its a good product and its advicable for every girl to use it. Dressmeoutlet.com thanks for introducing Lianor soap to me thru your page.
I got a beauty product a week to my wedding thru Dressmeoutlet.com sales representative and i was glowing on my wedding day. Thanks to Dressmeoutlet.com and the product(Bon foods).
Kui hair product 100%, dressmeoutlet.com 100%, customer care service 100%. Am so in love with my hair kui product. Dressmeoutlet.com thanks.
FEYI ODUWOLE 100000697
My order and the delivery time was absolutely perfect. Dressmeoutlet.com thank you so much.
OYEAKA ARK 100000516
Dressmeoutlet.com is perfect. My order and delivery time was perfect. Am a total fan of Dressmeoutlet.com.
FAITH OFODUM 100000647
Dressmeoutlet.com thank you so much. The items were really cool and nice. I loved everything i got.
CHIOMA JACK 100000629
I live at portharcourt, i made an order a day before and i got it the next day, that is simply amazing. cant wait to shop more on Dressmeoutlet.com again. 100% perfect
Ebelechukwu Ikpeoyi 100000615
Dressmeoutlet.com is the best. Doing business with you is the best thing. It was awesome getting my package on time and the black Friday sales was awesome!
TOBI ODUSINA 100000634
Dressmeoutlet.com service is very impressive and very fast. I would love to order over and over again because i love the delivery package and customer service attention.
I am very happy and pleased. Dressmeoutlet.com time of delivery was so early. The website is so nice and the customer service was so great and awesome.
I am happy about dressmeoutlet's.com service and very satisfied. i got my product exactly when i needed it. Thank you so much and i promise to order more from your page. Dressmeoutlet.com is the best.
Francess Ayanruoh 100000447
I rate Dressmeoutlet.com 110%. The shopping experience was way above my expectations. The customer service representative was very nice and respectful. The LIanor beauty products I purchased are beyond amazing for my skin and i'm overall very happy with m
Remilekun Osasona 10000470
Great service delivery...Product was true to size and packaging on point. Looking forward to placing an order soonest!
Ufuoma Abiri 100000462
Second time I am shopping on this platform and it has been a lovely experience.Your customer service is very much on point,well courteous and helpful.I love the packaging of my items,beautiful.As for the delivery,got my items same day,super fast.Great job
Frances Ayanruoh 100000388
I'm so excited about @dressmeoutlet! Amazing representative and on-time delivery by DHL for free! One Love.
Florence Boutique 100000373
Good prices and remarkable customer service. I'm very proud! A lot of people I know are appreciating African designers and beauty products significantly more.
K Idris 100000333
Very satisfied with my order and the super fast delivery. I have to be blunt, Dressmeoutlet.com is one of the best online retailer I have experienced if not the best and I shop online quite often.
Anita 100000281
I enjoy shopping here. It has become a daily thing for me. I constantly look out for what's new. Everything works from getting on the homepage to customer service to receiving my orders immediately. I am always satisfied.
Awele M. 100000244
When are you having the mega sales again? I'm still elated about the super deals I received. Please announce one soon. So glad you are based in Lagos. Keep up the good prices and great service.
Bimbo O 100000242
First, I placed an order and it came the same day, secondly you made me feel so special by asking an exception for me to pay on delivery, thirdly i called several times and you didn't give any form of attitude. Your customer service is beyond perfect.
Oyin 100000278
Perfect fit! Coming back for more. Thanks!
Micahyro 100000264
Shopping for more items at the moment! So yes surely you have won my loyalty and that of others. Very affordable products for the excellent level of quality. I recommend the honeypot shea oil. Very silky
Feyi O. 100000251
I LOVE your service. Will recommend to others. Keep up the excellent work!
Aminah J. 100000246
I LOVE my items. Thank you for the follow up as well. *Two Thumbs Up!*
Atim 10000237
Very smooth order process, had a little hitch paying online, but was rectified immediately. keep up the good work
Zinny 100000261
I ordered a necklace and earrings set to Bayelsa for a wedding. It was absolutely more gorgeous in person and genuine stones. My first purchase has made me a forever fan of shoppnig here. Excellent service and super fast delivery I must add.
Ajuah K. 100000250
Excellent! Website is so easy to use, delivery was even faster than they said it would be. Keep on being #1 Dressmeoutlet.com
M. Ayeni 100000243
Love love love Dressmeoutlet.com! Thank you guys!? I can now reduce how often I travel to shop. You have all my NEEDS! ;)
Aishat 100000228
Thank you, i have gotten my order in good condition. God's blessings.
Ms. Femi 100000205
I loved it! loved it! I would be very honest, the whole process was seamless, quite good, and i'm definitely going to be shopping some more.
Lolah J 100000188
From placing my order, to delivery, the whole process was all fine! Thanks
Kafayat 100000204
Thank you so much for following up with my order from start to delivery. I definitely would be shopping more from your site as your services are amazing. I pray for more entrepreneurs in Nigeria to adopt your methodology of service delivery.
Janet 100000189
My order was perfectly delivered to me. i love it! The customer service, very very on point!
Nichole 100000175
I like that my order was delivered to me on time. Thank you.
Nonye 100000110
I was so excited with my very first order, my package was delivered promptly, within minutes! Then i placed more orders, and it got delivered swiftly! it was more than what i expected, i was very amazed and impressed. Your services are very exceptional, l
Doris 100000120
It was quite dependable and Okay.
Ojiji 100000126
Wel for me, the customer service i recieved was so nice, no need for arguments about products or delay. it was very nice, Thank you
Alicia Ujukutu 10000114
Looking forward to more creative designer fashion popping up on Dressmeoutlet.com. Thank you for the prompt and free shipment!
Onyi Abang 10000087
I loved shopping from a pretty good variety of designer fashion that can only keep on increasing. The African top fitted me perfectly. Excellent packaging and super fast delivery worth mentioning!
Shanti 100000106
I was a bit skeptical about the quality of the clothing as I have ordered online before and been disappointed. My order was perfect! Very pleased! Thank you for my follow-up discount too. You guys are surely growing into Africa's best online shop!
Amssy Richard 100000084
I must commend, everything felt too good, i got my order all the way to kaduna. I pray and hope it continues this way.
Ufy 100000079
I love the feel and scent of the Nice and curly hair tamer on my hair and the bons coconut oil.Prompt delivery services and I like the dressmeoutlet box used for my order.Kudos to team dressmeoutlet.com.
Tinuke Aremu 100000077
The whole process was very okay. I Iove how my pakage was delivered to me. What i enjoyed most was the follow-up. Very on-point!!
Abi Tejuoso 100000069
The whole process was super good and very fast. I ordered a pair of shoes and got it delivered immediately to Victoria Island, Lagos. Service was definitely excellent!
Ejiro 100000083
Lovely selection of products. I received my order same day. The entire process was swift and enjoyable. Great packaging, great customer service. Thank you!!
Justina Lang 100000085
Only great words! Thank you so much. Great team. All wonderful people. What can I say... love my items, shipping was fast, service was on point. Will definitely shop here more often and will spread the word! #shopdmo
Valerie Ezenwafor 100000046
Omg!! thank you very much dressmeoutlet for the excellent service. I got my package in a twinkle of an eye. Super amazing!!!
Barbara Onianwah 100000047
I'm so stoked right now thanks to @Dressmeoutlet. I'm so happy excited that my #naturalhair is still a force to be reckoned with, :D :D :D :D Thanks so much for this. I can't wait to start using it. #wildhairgrowth
Ade O. 100000044
Love my runway necklace! Love the wild hair growth oil! And the Ginger tea! And the intimate wipes! Beautiful box the order came in and well wrapped, excellent service. Absolutely love the branded company vehicle that delivered to my doorstep. <3 <3
Claire 100000035
Absolutely amazing service! Great selection of products! Love my Sak Handbag! I hope I win the Valentine's Day Promo!! Thank you Dressmeoutlet.com!
Victoria 100000036
Speed of light delivery! Amazing service. Placed an order and it was delivered in less than an hour!!! Simply unbelievable. Great customer service. Thanks Dayo ????.
Mari 100000033
I just received my order and I want to say Thank You. I am very pleased with the quality of products. I will definitely be shopping here more; you guys make online shopping easy and affordable. Well done!
Olayinka 100000025
Amazing. I ordered a dress and necklace for an event and received my order the next day [less than 24hours] in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. Dressmeoutlet.com is definitely one of Nigeria's BEST online shops.
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