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Creative Entrepreneurs Program at Dressmeoutlet.com

Many Creative, Enthusiastic, Knowledgeable and Ambitious individuals encounter financial setbacks when attempting to establish or grow their brands. Dressmeoutlet.com has initiated a first of its kind Creative Entrepreneurs Program at Dressmeoutlet.com (CEPD) that has put together a platform, working space and opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to grow and excel in the fashion industry.

 If you have a passion for innovation, fashion, beauty, excellence, quality and Africa plus you are highly creative and knowledgeable on production processes then this might be a solid opportunity for you. 


  • Must be 27 years or under
  • Must have a solid prototype in the fashion, beauty or homegoods (furniture, kitchen goods etc) product categories.
  • Must be innovative and hardworking
  • Must be ready to work full-time and long-term with Dressmeoutlet.com

 You will be provided with resources and/or a budget to establish and grow your brand.

 To apply, please Register with Dressmeoutlet.com and send your cover letter and curriculum vitae plus pictures/video link with thorough details of your invention or creatives to cepd@dressmeoutlet.com and someone from the Creative Entrepreneurs Program at Dressmeoutlet.com team will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

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