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Best Ways To Keep A Healthy Afro

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Black hair is very beautiful in all forms, be it relaxed, natural or braided. The secret to a healthy attractive hair is simply moisture and gentle care. There are some basic ways in which we can maintain healthy looking hair:

Heat Up Your Hair Without Damage

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The general belief is that applying any form of heat to the hair can cause great damage but the truth is if we follow the rules, applying heat to the hair can be your best friend especially in a hot oil treatment, deep protein conditioner or even while styling.

Long Live Braided Hairstyles

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Braids are a pleasant and easy way to not think about styling your hair for a while, it also protects the air from harsh environmental factors. With the awesome braided hairstyles, you’ll have heads spinning in little or no time.

Things The World Has Gotten From Africa

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Africa is a place blessed with so much that even the world recognises how blessed we are. We are cheerful givers and we have no problem sharing our resources with the world. 

Here are a few things Africa has blessed the world with:

Coffee originates from Egypt. It possibly dates back to the 10th century.

Modern Art:
Even though the African artists is not celebrated as they should, Our artists inspired numerous well-respected artists such as Picasso, Matisse or Kirchner.

The history of mathematics has been so centred around Europe that most of us didn't even know the two oldest mathematical subjects were discovered in Swaziland and the Ishango bone.

Mobile Phones:
The inner workings of the most valuable appliance today was developed in the Republic of Congo in the form of cobalt which was used to make rechargeable batteries.

Shea Butter:
Most cosmetics, skin and hair care products today contain shea butter, the chances you have purchased some of the products are really high. It is also known as the perfect quick fix for almost everything.

Africa is a land flowing with milk and honey, Shop amazing African products that will change your life literally now on


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